Chet's Photo Art Gallery Shop

I am inspired by all the beauty that surrounds me.  I enjoy capturing this beauty through photography and painting.  I love to turn my photos into art and bring them to life in all these fun products from pillows, t-shirts, greeting cards, wall decor, home decor and so much more.

Living In San Pedro California with an amazing view of Los Angeles across the bridges to Long Beach down the coast to Dana Point, the San Gabriel Mountains, to the deep blue Ocean and so much more has truly been a blessing.  I can't help but be creative in this artsy town.  I love it.


I also enjoy birding at home and learning more about them.

Sometimes they pose for me while I take their photo.  :-)

The tabs below will help you better see what inspires or interest you.  I also have links to a few online print stores that sell my products that might not be here on my site as I continue to build my store here.

If you have any inquiries please email me at

Thank you for visiting my shop!


Concetta Ellis