I'm so excited to have these stickers now available on sheets for the Mid-Century Gal. Happy Day Quote With Vintage Modern Botanical Plant. These are perfect to add to anything such as your journal, calendar, computer, laptop, book, locker and how about put them in a greeting card for your Mid-Century friend. These vinyl sticker sheets give you the perfect marketing material whether it's for your brand, your band, your art, or your event. With a matte finish, a vinyl construction, and full design/shape customizability, you can create a unique sticker bomb sheet with multiple stickers for all your needs. Choose One Sheet Per Order: Options: 1st Option: 6" x 4" Sheet Includes 4 Stickers Sizes Width 1.66" x Height 2.26" Perfect size for journaling and your calendar. 2nd Option 8" x 11" Sheet Includes 4 Stickers Sizes Vary From Width 2.8" - 3.64 x Height 3.83" -4.97" .: Quantity: One sheet per order .: Matte finish .: Material: water-resistant vinyl .: Easy peel backing .: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Thank you! Concetta Ellis www.midcenturygal.com www.concettaellisdesigns.com www.chetsphotoartgallery.com

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