I'm so excited to have these stickers now available for the Mid-Century Gal. These are perfect to add to anything such as your journal, calendar, computer, laptop, book, locker and how about put them in a greeting card for your Mid-Century friend. These vinyl sticker sheets give you the perfect marketing material whether it's for your brand, your band, your art, or your event. With a matte finish, a vinyl construction, and full design/shape customizability, you can create a unique sticker bomb sheet with multiple stickers for all your needs. .: Quantity: One sheet per order .: Matte finish .: Material: water-resistant vinyl .: Easy peel backing .: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use .: Thank you! Concetta Ellis www.midcenturygal.com www.concettaellisdesigns.com www.chetsphotoartgallery.com

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