San Pedro California "Hidden Gem" Poly Scarf

I love painting Royal Palms Beach have you noticed yet?  lol  I also love painting it with whimsical colors.  This one I call Hidden Gem.  Only a couple of days after painting this Tony Alva from Lords Of Dog Town left a comment on one of my videos of Royal Palms Beach and he had mentioned it was a Hidden Gem to surf at.  I told him I had just called one of my paintings Hidden Gem.  At this point I had no idea I was speaking to Tony Alva until afterwards.  Made my day.  :-)

Made from high quality poly chiffon, this sheer scarf is extremely light and airy. Outstanding quality print turns it into a head turning style accessory.

.: 100% Polyester
.: Multiple sizes

Chet's Photo Art Gallery By Concetta Ellis


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