Best Pop Mug.  This vintage-inspired camp mug is perfect for beverages and soups alike with its wider design and contrasting black trim.  Best Pop in these new popular campfire mugs perfect gift for your special man.


It feels great to design gifts that say Pop.  It is very rare to find gifts or least when growing up to find a gift that said Pop.  Pop is what we have always called our dad like he called his dad.  Our Pop is full blooded Italian.  When we were very young we called hm Papa and now Pop and so do all our friends.  Love our Pop.


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Size: 10 oz.; 3.25"(H)x3.625"(W)
Material: Metal, Stainless Steel, Sublimation Coated White Gloss with a Black Rim
Care: Hand wash only, NOT Microwave Safe


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