New Lightning Bolt Necklace is a beautiful gift for girls and women of all ages. A lightning bolt is an instantly recognizable symbol of power. General lightning bolt shapes, whether they have two or three jags, have multiple meanings including supernatural power and the beauty and power of nature. As for me it brings back wonderful memories from my past in the 70s and 80s. Being a teenager back then and wearing my lightning bolt necklace to me was the coolest thing and I still get that feeling today. I personally think it is sexy, powerful and brings out that inner rock n roll.

This necklace has an extra touch that we added the hoop which I absolutely love as you can see me wearing mine in the picture with my dream on rock n roll dream on silk scarf. Also be sure to look at the 3 tier hoop lightning bolt earrings especially made to go with this necklace.

Everything is priced at a very reasonable price. Each piece is hand made a designed by myself Concetta Ellis And Sandy Herron. If you have something in mind that you don't see we would gladly try our best to make that special piece of jewelry for you.


Silver Plated,  Stainless Steel

16" Length and room for adjustable


Free Mid-Century Gal Sticker with this purchase.

Lightning Bolt Charm Necklace