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Official Band Merch


I'm excited to add the premiere Los Angeles based


New Band Merchandise to Chet's Photo Art Gallery.  

I have started a new Instagram dedicated to Escape

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Escape is getting ready for 2021 new concert line up and what better way to gear up with all this new fun apparel and gifts for her or him or you :-)

I designed all the following products with new fresh colors and threads.

And a big thank you to Paul Ali for designing the Scarab Beetle Logo.

My Escape Band Merchandise Is Being Sold At Three Different Stores Online.

More Escape Journey Tribute Merch

You Will Find Fun Escape Merch On This Page To Purchase Directly Here Or You Can Visit The Links Below To See Over 100's Products With The Escape Official Logo.

Shop Escape Prints, Framed Art, Print T-Shirts, Gifts, Mugs at the gallery link

and it will send you directly to the store page

where you can view more colors, styles, and products.

Can't find what you are looking for here?  Please click my other stores below and look at other options or you can email me at

Champion, Gildon, And American Apparel Made In The USA

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