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New California Vintage Design

Love This NEW Retro Design 

I just had to put this new pattern on the main page.

This print speaks Whimsical and it's so delicious you just may want to try all the flavors in color.

I love the old days even the days that I wasn't born yet.  You can feel the romance and the good vibes from back in the day.

These are some of the cities that hold special memories for me. 

San Pedro, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Palm Springs, Malibu,

Morro Bay and San Francisco.

I added special elements that we can all relate to that just makes you want to go in time and remember the good times.

I created pillows, scarves, mugs, greeting cards, furniture, a women's v-neck t-shirt and more products are available at my redbubble store, but I will be adding more products here soon.

I myself just ordered the pink pillow to go with my new pink couch, a white tee with a pink scarf. 

I will post pictures as soon as I receive them.

This is definitely a good vibe for anyone that likes to wear vintage California

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