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Hello!  Welcome to my shop Designs by Concetta at Chet's Photo Art Gallery.  

My name is Concetta Ellis a California native living the Coastal Life in So Cal. 

I specialize in creative content and design, made to order paintings, photography, making premium cards and print to order products on an extensive variety of goods.  I am also a Redbubble Artist and my creativity comes from Nature, Colors, Retro Design and Coastal Vibes.

Seeing The World Through The Eye Of My Lens.


Photography feeds my soul.  I love capturing moments that truly excite me, such as; ocean scenes, nature, lots of sunsets, new places, and live shots of my husband on stage.  Will notice I love doing local art too.  A lot of my paintings are of our local beach Royal Palms and Nature.

I also get excited to paint on canvas with ideas from moments I have captured with my camera or just being creative which is my art therapy.

Everyone sees things differently and our style of creativity is our own.  I capture and edit moments that make me feel good and then I get excited to share those moments with you.

I am grateful to be here and thankful to have the opportunity to share my photos and art with you. 


I am very thankful for ABC 7 Eyewitness News and KTLA 5 News for sharing some of my photos on live television.  I am also very thankful for the art stores that have purchased my art and for those that have had me paint special memories for them on canvas or are sharing my art in their homes or offices.  Truly Grateful! 

A little peek into my life.  As a young girl I grew up in Eagle Rock, California and then we moved to Arcadia, California when I just turned 11.

I reside with my husband now in San Pedro California with a beautiful view of the Pacific Coast.  We have two adult children. 

Our daughter is married and lives in Nashville TN and is creative with hair and our son is living in Hollywood CA living his dream as a singer/songwriter. 

My husband has a career with Brascia Builders and has been a musician since the age of 7.  He has won many awards in the music business and now enjoy performing with one of the most popular Journey Tribute Bands in the U.S.A. ESCAPE from Los Angeles Ca.  He is a lead guitarist and singer. 

I have always loved being creative, but for many years I was busy managing my parents Army/Navy Store for 38 years in Monrovia Ca, being a wife and mom.  I was everyone's cheerleader to help their dreams come true.  I was also the manager for my husband's bands and booking agent for many years and ended up booking other bands too and what I enjoyed through the process was marketing them, making flyers and videos. 

I can write some stories on the band stuff.  I'm not ready to do that yet, but I can honestly say

photography, painting, designing, nature, birding and more road trips

have truly helped me heal from some of those stories. 

I am very thankful to have my own art loft on top of our home with a gorgeous view of Los Angles, Hollywood, the mountains and all the down the coast and more.  It's important to me to create daily or I can't sleep at night.  My creativity is reflection of who I am and what I love.  I love the feelings I get remembering the past of the 60's, 70's and early 80's and I also love the times of Hollywood Glamour from the Hearst Castle Parties to Bob Hope and Judy Garland.  I love funny things too from real situations.  I also love feeding the birds at home and taking pictures of them and then painting those pictures on canvas.  I mostly love painting with oil and I had a busy Christmas season with painting for others and for that I am very grateful. 

Lately I have been painting greeting cards which has been fun too.  Seeing my designs on products and clothing has been very exciting and even more exciting is seeing them being worn by my customers. 

I love to wear the clothes I design it's a great feeling.  I only design stuff that I love and makes me feel good! 

All that marketing I did for others I now do for me. 

I am excited to have my own photo gallery online and making my products available to you.

I would like to see art available in all our schools.  It's important to let our children be creative and find their own passion whether it be painting, gardening, construction, mechanics, homemaking, business, music, cooking, sports and more.  It is all important.  We all connect to different passions and it is important that our children be able to explore their passions and enjoy life to its fullest.

I hope my art makes you smile, feel happy, inspired, connected and loved.

I truly appreciate you shopping designs, art and photography created by me.


Concetta Ellis

Designs By Concetta

at Chet's Photo Art Gallery.

because life has purpose

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